Monday, April 23, 2012

Kanakuk Adventure Series in the News

Kanakuk Kamps Launches An Adventure Series in Summer 2012

BRANSON, Mo. (April 23, 2012) – Kanakuk Kamps is adding a brand-new series to its repertoire during the summer of 2012. The Kanakuk Adventure Series is the eighth type of Kamp for kids offered by Kanakuk and the adventure-seeker’s ultimate summer experience.

The Kanakuk Adventure Series includes a Survival Kamp and a Scuba Kamp. Both camps in the series are guaranteed to teach skills that will last a lifetime.  Each camp lasts for two weeks and is open to both boys and girls between the ages of 15 and 18.

The Kanakuk Survival Kamp is a two-week training course that emulates the U.S. Army Special Forces “SERE School” survival course. A former military trained professional who was once a Kanakuk Kamper himself will lead the Survival Kamp. The camp will help boys and girls build character and learn spiritual lessons through using only what God has provided in the woods. The camp will encourage campers to test the limits of their physical and mental endurance, with lessons such as starting fires, building wind-proof and water-proof shelter from limbs, setting deadfall traps for game, making charcoal water filters, and many more. Campers will experience several survival camp outs, each one becoming progressively more challenging and culminating with a two-day solo survival trip.

The Kanakuk Scuba Kamp will teach campers how to scuba dive and certify participants with an open water diver qualification. Professional dive instructors from Aqua Sports will teach campers stress rescue, underwater navigation and wreck diving lessons.  Advanced dive courses include spear fishing, night diving and underwater photography.  The Aqua Sports team will then lead Scuba Kamp campers and their families on an optional dive trip in the Caribbean where they can put to use all the lessons learned during the two-week camp series.

Kanakuk plans to add a third Adventure Kamp series during the summer of 2013. The Aviation Kamp will allow campers to attend flight school and potentially complete the FAA ground school.

Kanakuk as a whole serves 11,000 campers each summer and has been developing dynamic Christian leaders through life-changing experiences, Godly relationships, and spiritual training since 1926. For more information on the Kanakuk Adventure Series, please visit


About Kanakuk Kamps
Kanakuk Kamps began in 1926 with a group of boys from Texas trekking to the Ozarks for 8 weeks of building character and stamina alongside great Christian role models. Today, there are 8 Kanakuk Kamps that serve over 11,000 boys and girls each summer, including whole families at K-Kauai Family Kamp located in Branson, Missouri. Kanakuk’s parent organization called Kanakuk Ministries is a not-for-profit, 501(c)3 whose mission is to develop dynamic Christian leaders through life-exchanging experiences, Godly relationships and spiritual training.  More information about Kanakuk can be found at

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